Sweet olden days

Byron, Georgia retains the sweet traditions of our history while embracing the future.

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To see what Byron was like “back in the day,” start with a driving tour of Byron’s Downtown Historic District which offers up a variety of architectural styles: 1860s Georgian, 1890s New South, late 1800s-early 1900s Victorian, 1900s Neoclassical Revival, and early 1900s Greek Revival. In 1995, Byron's Downtown and those homes in the immediate area were designated as the Byron Historic District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In the exact center of town at 101 East Heritage, the Byron Depot is a historic railroad depot and caboose, beautifully restored to reflect times in Byron in the early 1870s when the community was a flag-stop known as “Number One and One-Half Station” on the Southwestern Railroad.

Take a photo at the caboose, or call ahead to (478) 918-3666 to arrange to see the museum inside the depot which presents the history of Byron through pictures, artifacts, and other memorabilia. History presumes that more area-grown peaches were shipped through this site daily in the 1920s and 1930s than anywhere in the world.

The old Byron jail at 108 Jailhouse Alley, built around 1875, is now the headquarters building for the Byron Area Historical Society which renovated the building in 1998. It serves as a repository for society records and documents and houses historic pictures and memorabilia from Byron’s past. Tours may be arranged at any time by calling (478) 918-3666.